Visitor Information

Silverleys polo club is not just for players. Located a little more than a mile from Bishops Stortford, we actively encourage visitors from the surrounding area.

Entrance is free to all, do come and support the local teams. The club commentators will do their best to explain the unfathomable rules of the game. Spectators around the pitches vary in their sophistication, some bring a rug and a small picnic, while others arrive with gazebo, tables and chairs and chilled champagne.

All are welcome and for those who enjoy mingling with the players, join us at the club house and take advantage of the licensed bar and great fresh food. You will be surprised how quickly you get to know the members and feel like it’s your club.

Nothing is more encouraging to the players than a few people turning out to watch, enjoy the sunshine and "tread in" between chukkas.

Check out the tournament dates and stick them in your diary. Come and have a look, we are a great excuse to bask in the beautiful english countryside.

How to get to Silver Leys Polo Club
Bury Green Farm, Bury Green, Little Hadham, Bishops Stortford, Herts. SG11 2HE.
Proceed along the A120 from either Stansted on the M11 or Puckeridge on the A10. At the junction of the A120 and Millfield Lane ½ mile East of Little Hadham there is a sign post to Bury Green.
 Take Millfield lane for 800 yards and then turn right into Silverleys over the cattle grid and follow direction on the map bellow.


Once you drive in you will see the Number 1 ground on your right follow the concrete path through the small entrance and turn right up a small rise. To your right you will see a number of horse boxes and cars parked keeping to the right near the pond, park where you can.

Silverleys polo club map