Read all about it - Tournament update

The first tournament of the season has been a triumph! The combined efforts of Mandy Hawes on site, with her team of helpers, and Alec Banner-Eve managing relations on a international level made for a great tournament and marked the start of a glorious summer.

If any of us, myself included, were asking ourselves why we have dragged our fat and lively ponies out of their winter holiday. This weekend full of glorious food, sunshine and good company has laid all those reservations to rest. 

As always the games were entertaining for pros and newbies alike, including the odd commical moment which is always a crowd pleaser. Should I mention the own goal by a certain red shirt player... Don't worry no-one noticed, much. 

The club would like to offer a very warm welcome to Inventures new team mate Lucy Jacobsen, may your winning streak continue! We also saw some polo newbies take to the pitch in their first tournament this weekend. Very well played to Charley and Tom for getting stuck in, we look forward to seeing more tournament action from you both. 

In true showbiz style, our very own polo manager Mr Banner-Eve rocks up to play on the Sunday fresh off a flight from Mexico. Playing very well might I add. The odd squiffy shot can be blamed on the tequilas anyway. To top it off, Kate brought up beautiful baby Monty for us all to ogle. Got to start them early as a polo prodigy. 

Congratulations to Inventure and Lambs for Lions on winning this weekend, well fought and well played! 

Thank you to everyone who helped this weekend, from umpiring to time keeping and catering, without you this club could not work and the family atmosphere is what makes us great. 

Until next time.