Player Info

Welcome to Silverleys polo club, below is a brief synopsis of how the club works and what to expect as a member.

The Club opens, weather permitting, from the beginning of April and closes in the last week of September.

Members may keep their ponies at the club and do so by renting DIY paddocks from Bury Green Farm Ltd, run by Andrew Mathies. If you don’t have enough ponies to warrant your own groom there are a number of people who offer to help, should you need it. Those who are looking for someone to deliver their ponies to chukkas or tournaments fit, fed and tacked up then Andrew offers a full livery service.

Many of our members choose not to have their own ponies and Andrew will be happy to provide ponies ready to go on the side- lines at chukkas or tournaments on a rental basis.

The club runs chukkas on Tuesday’s and Thursdays and a call to the polo manager saying how many you would like gets you on the list which is published here by 5PM on the day. Numbers of chukkas can vary from 4 to as many as 12 daylight permitting.

Members may exercise their ponies any time and the polo manager will direct where this should take place.

Members can stick and ball at any time on the S&B field or as directed by the polo manager. At no time unless specifically invited may players ride their pones on any of the grounds.

Very rarely the club is closed to S&B if completely water logged or frozen, this is announced on the home page in the news section 

Tournaments are every other weekend and are intended to cater for the membership and encourage visiting teams to participate. Teams will usually be either -6 -1 or 0 2 goal both levels are played at every tournament.

During every tournament weekend there is a licensed bar and hot food at the clubhouse, open from 10:30 for breakfast.