February 2019

Welcome 2019

Dear Members and Friends,


Incredible to imagine that for 125 years, the local area has been dabbling with the incredible gift of the team sport that we all passionately share. It is our Quasquicentennial Anniversary for anyone struggling for the word! :)

Strange to imagine people looking back in another 125 years picturing us playing - Hopefully they have left their hover-boards at home and are still enjoying the same synergy with animals that we all cherish. 

So, for this year I hope we can all look forward to opening the polo club doors and enjoy sharing our sport with as many people as we can. 

We are going to try extremely hard to spoil every one of our members. With the irrigation, club houses and tournament plans - I hope everyone is excited as I am. Oh... and the great big arena and canter track too! At times, in this milestone year, we may ask people for a favour or two - I hope you can get behind us in making sure the sport flourishes for decades to come.

For anyone wanting to take away the stressful horsebox journeys to and from the club (I recommend it), please let me know if you would like paddock spaces as soon as you can - by the end of the month at the absolute latest. It is £500 per horse for the season, payable upfront. Of course, if you have a horse kept onsite you’ll have access to the fantastic new exercise facilities when they are finished... and you will be able to get to the bar that little bit faster!

Our fixtures list, which I am sure is already firmly pinned on your fridge, is here:​​​​​​​

A few of our big events are online now - hit the buttons at the bottom of this post! I am really looking forward to Camel racing on 19th May! New additions this year include a nationwide UKPA polo crosse tournament on 25/26 May, the Silver Leys Cup being an official Victor Ludorum 4 goal (as well as the other levels) finishing on 7th July, and the Ladies Tournament being an official WIP tournament now too. Hoping we can really celebrate the Silver Leys Cup with a big marquee party on the Saturday night.


The membership cost has not increased this year, please see below-

Full Membership - £650 + £100 sand (£100 discount if paid before 1 April 2019)

Student in full time education - £175 + £100 sand

Pony Club - £99 plus £100 sand

Chukka Membership - £1600 (includes pony rental for 20 chukkas). This membership does not allow you to play in tournaments.


For anyone pondering whether to take the step up to club chukkas this year - we are very friendly and are lucky to have club members who support new players and will help you greatly in your first season of club chukkas. It is a policy that players have to be a member in order to play club chukkas. Non-members can play a maximum of 6 chukkas at £15 a chukka.

If you have not been invoiced for a membership by the end of the month and want to be, please email me as soon as you can. 


We are trying really hard to reach out to local pony clubs again and any help people can offer will be appreciated. We have also worked hard to get our Sunday lunches, provided by Host Restaurant, down to £49 per person - these are available every Sunday. They really are delicious. Please do let any friends, family and local businesses know what we are up to and bring them up!


Look forward to seeing everyone really soon, please email me with any thoughts or questions. 


Very Best Wishes,